Als ich wisse das Morgen der Erde enden wuerde, immernoch wurd ich mein Apfelbaum pflanzen.

Even if I knew the world would perish tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree. - Martin Luther

"Factory work's easier on the back, and I don't mind it, understand, but a man becomes what he does. Got to watch that. That's why I keep at farmin' although the crops haven't ever throve. It's the doin' that's important." Madison Wheeler in Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Little Things

It's been really busy around here lately.  We're fully immersed in our spring soccer schedule - that means practice and games.  The Woodsman ran his third marathon (more on that in a later post).  The garden is popping with greens, asparagus and lots and lots of weeds.  And, as teachers, May is the most hectic, stressful month in our year.  Time seems to be at a premium and life seems like it's on fast forward.  One of the reasons I started to blog was so I wouldn't forget to document the little things in life as well as the more epic ones.  So, here are some little things...
Loving Chester! 

Greens and Garlic in the Hoop House

The Boy's long hair - love these curls.

We attempt to make cheese - it fails...

It's supposed to stretch - well, maybe next time.

The best part of spring - salad from the garden!
Or, maybe it's asparagus.  We can't decide.

Happy Spring and Happy Mother's Day!  Hope you're feeling loved today.  My crew cleaned the house, cooked breakfast and they're folding all the laundry as I write.  Plus, if it ever stops raining around here, The Woodsman promises to help me finish the spring planting.  It doesn't get much better than this.

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