Als ich wisse das Morgen der Erde enden wuerde, immernoch wurd ich mein Apfelbaum pflanzen.

Even if I knew the world would perish tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree. - Martin Luther

"Factory work's easier on the back, and I don't mind it, understand, but a man becomes what he does. Got to watch that. That's why I keep at farmin' although the crops haven't ever throve. It's the doin' that's important." Madison Wheeler in Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Win Some, Lose Some

This weekend has been one of joy and sorrow.  We celebrated the Woodsman's endurance by cheering him on in his second marathon.  This one was his second and it was much more difficult than the first.  He finished in 4 hours and 19 minutes.  Fantastic job!  This was a better time than his first marathon.  We all enjoyed cheering for him. 

However, this has also been a sad weekend. My grandfather passed away on Saturday afternoon. I will miss him greatly. I'm so glad that I spent so much time listening (and recording) to his stories over the past few years. They were precious before, but they are even more so now. Time spent with the people you love is the most precious time of all.

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