Als ich wisse das Morgen der Erde enden wuerde, immernoch wurd ich mein Apfelbaum pflanzen.

Even if I knew the world would perish tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree. - Martin Luther

"Factory work's easier on the back, and I don't mind it, understand, but a man becomes what he does. Got to watch that. That's why I keep at farmin' although the crops haven't ever throve. It's the doin' that's important." Madison Wheeler in Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Almanac March 23, 2013

According to the astronomical calendar it's spring.  According to the weather forecast (6-8 inches of snow tonight; lows in the 30s) it's still winter.  Here's what's going on around here...


I heard the spring peepers two weeks ago.  They've been singing any night that's above freezing since then. The robins, phoebes and woodpeckers are back. The chickens are laying more eggs.


Sorrel is growing in the garden.  The Asian greens planted last fall have left dormancy and are starting to grow.  I think we'll be able to pick in about two weeks.  The onions and garlic planted in the fall are all up about 4 inches.  The first daffodil bloomed today - brave thing.
Sorrel - looking forward to turning this into soup soon.
Tatsoi growing under double row covers - as soon as it grows a bit bigger it's going into a stir fry.
Garlic and Onions - planted last fall.  Can you see them?  They're small, but growing nicely.
The only bit of color on the property.


I'm using the last of the sweet potatoes today.  I used the last of the cabbage last week.  So, now we're down to the contents of the freezer.  There's still an abundance of pureed winter squash, peaches, berries, green beans, Swiss Chard and a little bit of cauliflower.  I still have quite a good stash of zucchini bread, and quite a few made ahead meals.  Soccer Boy is happy though because we've eaten all the soup. 
The pantry is still stocked.  I'm not even close to running out of anything.  Huzzah!
Here's a recipe I've been making a lot lately. It has all the flavors of spring, and yet uses ingredients I already have.  The kids really love these.  They work great for breakfast, snacks and lunch boxes.

Vegan Lemon Berry Muffins

Adapted from Vegan Holiday Kitchen by Nava Atlas

2 c. flour
2 t. baking powder
1 t. baking soda
1/2 c. sugar
1 c. applesauce
2 t. oil
2 t. vanilla
1/3 c. lemon juice
Mix together the dry, and then add the wet.  Bake at 350 for 20 - 25 min.

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