Als ich wisse das Morgen der Erde enden wuerde, immernoch wurd ich mein Apfelbaum pflanzen.

Even if I knew the world would perish tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree. - Martin Luther

"Factory work's easier on the back, and I don't mind it, understand, but a man becomes what he does. Got to watch that. That's why I keep at farmin' although the crops haven't ever throve. It's the doin' that's important." Madison Wheeler in Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The New Girls On the Roost

Thanks to the Pharmer and his kids over at Thy Hand we have some new girls in the flock. I'm so thankful that they're willing to do the raising of chicks.  They love and cuddle them, and keep them from freezing and then when they're ready we bring them home.

 They are settling in pretty well.  We still occasionally hear a squawk when one of the little ones tries to get to the water, food, bug, compost, etc. before the older girls, but overall they've settled in well. Tonight when I shut them in they were all roosted together like one big happy family.

They've been here for a week now and can now find their way out of (and back into) the hen house.  They've also discovered that the wood's edge is a great place to hunt for bugs.  So far, they're not following the lead of the two Ameracana acrobats and are staying off the fence and out of the garden.  Let's hope it stays that way. 

Checking out the new hen house.

Why is this crazy lady taking our picture this early in the morning?

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